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What are the Benefits of Soil Stabilization in Hattiesburg MS

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Soil Stabilization Hattiesburg MS

Soil stabilization is an effective way to turn poor quality soil into a valuable engineering material. To do this, binding agents like resins and gels are added to the soil to stabilize and strengthen it. This is a far better alternative than other methods because you don’t have to remove the existing soil. Once complete, the soil can accommodate pavements, embankments, housing, and industrial units and more.

With the rising costs of civil engineering, soil stabilization in Hattiesburg MS has become a cost-effective method for preparing sites for construction. Let’s explore five benefits of soil stabilization and what to expect from this project.

1. Increases Soil Strength

With soil stabilization, binders are added to the soil to make it stronger. This strength can be used to reduce the thickness of the foundation or the thickness of the subsequent layers. You can even install concrete or blacktop directly on the soil because the additives make it stable enough. Most importantly, you’ll feel confident knowing that your site is ready for construction.

2. Cost Effective

Many soil stabilization techniques are permanent and don’t require constant application. For instance, with one application of polyurethane foam, you can ensure that the soil is properly stabilized and ready for construction. Plus, soil stabilization is far less complicated than the ‘dig and dump’ method that requires vehicles, landfill tax and aggregates, both of which are also becoming an exhausted resource.

3. Saves Time

Delays and setbacks are common in construction projects but they don’t need to start now! Because there is no need to prepare the site, you save time right from the beginning. Most stabilizers can also be used in wet conditions, so rain won’t slow down your project either. Wet ground can be dried and strengthened for immediate use, which means you can work in rainy conditions.

4. Minimal Environmental Impact

When additives like polyurethane foam are used to strengthen the soil, run-off storm water won’t cause erosion, which can end up in rivers, lakes and bays. Also, the need for trucks and other transportation is reduced, resulting in less gas and fossil fuels. The existing soil is used, with no need to haul it away from the job site.

5. Long-Term Solution

Soil stabilization is a long-term solution, as most polyurethanes will last over 100 years. The key is knowing which binders to add to achieve the desired results. For example, some binders strengthen the soil while others are used for erosion control. We recommend polyurethanes in many cases because of its longevity and ability to provide watertight encapsulation.

Foremost Foundations and Construction has the experience to know the best method of stabilization to use depending on the soil and the project. We consider the type of soil, the project type, the longevity of the project, your budget, and any environmental concerns to be aware of. To learn more about soil stabilization in Hattiesburg MS, contact Foremost Foundations and Construction today.

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