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Residential Polyurethane Service

Residential Polyurethane Services

Reliable Helical Pile Repair System for Mississippi Homes

Foremost Foundations is the commercial contractor you can trust when it comes to geotechnical challenges. From residential and commercial construction rehab to structural repairs and more, we use high-quality polyurethane products to ensure your problems are not just fixed, but solved. We specialize in geotechnical, commercial and residential applications.

Geotechnical Application

  • Structural Repairs – Concrete damage can occur for many reasons like freezing, improper installation, faulty foundations, and more. We can work to repair this damage and restore your structure through epoxy injections.

  • Lightweight Fill Systems – To fill utility trenches or expansive void areas under concrete slab sections, we perform a lightweight spray or injection fill over conventional lightweight concrete mixes or polystyrene blocks. This lightweight spray is high strength, low density, low exotherm, and fast application

  • Pipeline Trench Breakers, Pads, and Pillows – When constructing pipeline breakers and pads, we use a low density, low exotherm spray foam instead of sandbag breakers. This allows for faster application times and exceptional dimensional stability.

  • Specialty Applications – At Foremost Foundations, we expertly handle difficult and unique polyurethane applications. We can fill annular spaces in and around different types of pipe and liners. Our team can also fill decommissioned underground storage tanks, double wall tank linings and decommissioned pipe and culvert systems.

  • DOT and Highway – Select polyurethane polymer systems are available in various high-density formulations, compression, and tensile strength values, and flow to repair DOT and highway problems. Foremost can lift, level, fill voids and underseal streets, roads, highways as well as make repairs to bridge approaches and departures.

  • Infrastructure Repairs – Foremost uses polyurethane to make repairs to infrastructure and precast maintenance holes. When there is poor soil compaction or erosion, Foremost can seal leaks of misaligned joints or fill voids on the exterior.

Commercial and Residential Concrete Rehabilitation

  • Foam Injection for Concrete Slabs – If your property’s sidewalks, patios, garage floors, pool decks, driveways, or other concrete slabs need repairing, we have the solution. Geotechnical polyurethane foam products are injected into the voids beneath concrete slabs, which stabilizes them without excavation or the added weight of cement.

  • Chemical Grouting/Permeation Grouting – We use polyurethane products for chemical/permeation grouting to create barriers to groundwater flow, underpin foundations, provide excavation support, and stabilize soils.

  • Leak & Crack Sealing – Whether you have a weeping leak or a gushing leak, we use chemical grouts to stop the leak and repair your foundation.

  • Waterproofing – Protect your concrete from the elements with water-resistant poly-solutions.

  • Soil Stabilization – When your concrete slabs are fractured, or over lifted, we can inject structural polyurethane foam into the voids beneath the slabs to strengthen the substrate and provide watertight encapsulation.

What People Are Saying


I Highly Recommend

I highly recommend Steve Folk, Bray Watkins and the entire Foremost team. I hired them because part of my driveway sunk nearly 6 inches at the entrance to the carport. Foremost was able to raise the driveway nearly even, which reduced risk of a blown out tire on our vehicles. Additionally, they installed 13 screwjacks under the house, which was dipping towards the middle and creating a bowl effect. We saw an immediate improvement. Their work and customer service were fantastic!

- Tripp Segars

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