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Retaining Wall Repair Mississippi

Commercial Retaining Wall Repair

Your Business Deserves the Best Polyurethane Services in Mississippi

Do you have unsightly or broken up concrete areas in and around your business? Sinking sidewalks, patios, interior floors, and damaged parking lots can create hazards that pose a danger to your employees and customers. Not only that but potentially could put the property owners at risk for the injuries or damage that one may sustain from these trip hazards. Fortunately, Foremost Foundations & Construction provides polyurethane services for commercial buildings throughout Mississippi.


Want to know more about our poly foam lifting service in Jackson, MS, or concrete slab lifting in Mississippi? We would be happy to describe these and any of our commercial foundation repairs that can prevent concrete and foundation problems from becoming dangerous hazards.

Who Needs Concrete Slab Lifting in Mississippi?

You need concrete lifting in Mississippi if erosion problems have created sunken sidewalks, parking lots full of potholes, or uplifted concrete that can cause tripping hazards. If you are a property manager, property owner, building supervisor, or engineer, all maintenance issues become your problem, even the little ones. Let us provide the solution to your slab and concrete management.

Foremost Foundations & Construction performs comprehensive polyurethane services, including poly foam lifting in Jackson, MS. This technology can lift, correct, and restore sinking concrete quickly and with great precision.


We have used all different types of poly foam in diverse applications, such as:

  • All different types of buildings- commercial, industrial, oil and gas and warehouses.

  • Apartments, Offices, Retail facilities.

  • Soil stabilization

  • Waterproofing areas

  • Geo technical applications

  • Government, County and City roads, bridges, and culverts.


Working with small crews and the least disruptive equipment available, we inject poly foam beneath the concrete without heavy excavation. Thanks to our specially designed rigs, we can drill, lift, and clean the area quickly so that you don't lose valued customers.


How We Choose Our Polyurethane Services Team

Our crew has been working with all different types of poly foam for many years and our problem solvers with extensive field training. This helps us ensure that every team member we send to your business remains focused on the job and client satisfaction. From meticulous construction work to thorough cleanup, our next-level services have already earned us a reputation for excellence.

Does Your Building or Other Concrete areas Need Commercial Concrete Lifting?

Our polyurethane foam jacking application compacts the underlying soil so that it can better support the structures above it. This improves the soil's weight bearing capability. With one application, we can re-establish the bearing capacity of parking lots, sidewalks, and other areas

Here are some of the advantages of choosing concrete slab lifting in Mississippi:

  • No Evacuation

  • Lift, Level, and Realign

  • Fast

  • More Affordable than demoing existing concrete, haul off, re-grade, new forms and finally pour and finish concrete.


Our polyurethane services use structural polyurethane that improves the ability of the soil to support foundation or concrete slabs. If you still have questions, we are ready to answer them and get your project started.

For more information about how fomurethane services work, call us at (601) 405-1052 or request an appointment online. We would be happy to set up a consultation for your business in Central and South Mississippi or Mobile, AL.

What People Are Saying


I Highly Recommend

I highly recommend Steve Folk, Bray Watkins and the entire Foremost team. I hired them because part of my driveway sunk nearly 6 inches at the entrance to the carport. Foremost was able to raise the driveway nearly even, which reduced risk of a blown out tire on our vehicles. Additionally, they installed 13 screwjacks under the house, which was dipping towards the middle and creating a bowl effect. We saw an immediate improvement. Their work and customer service were fantastic!

- Tripp Segars

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