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Your Top Questions About Residential Helical Piles Repair - Answered!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

residential helical piles repair

If your home’s foundation is experiencing problems, you have several options to address the issue. One way to fix the issue is with a residential helical piles repair, which can stabilize your home’s foundation without extensive excavation. It’s also a long-term solution so you’re not compromising quality and safety for a faster alternative. You’ll also appreciate that a helical pile system is an affordable option that will protect your home and prevent further damage.

Below are some of the top questions we hear from residential customers about helical piles, along with our responses. Foremost Foundations and Construction uses helical piles often so we may recommend this solution for your foundation problems too!

What is a Helical Pile?

Helical piles are manufactured steel foundation anchors that are driven into the ground at a specific depth. This is done using hydraulic machinery that comes in different sizes depending on the job at hand. Helical piles can be used for numerous repairs, such as foundation repairs, decks, patios, and other projects.

How Much Do Helical Piles Cost?

The overall cost of a residential helical piles repair varies depending on the project, the soil, the extent of the damage, and other factors. As well as the price of steel in the market affects the overall material cost.

How Long Does It Take to Install Helical Piles?

For small to medium projects, helical piles can typically be installed within one day. This is a huge advantage to using concrete, since you don’t have to wait for this material to dry before you can move onto the next step. Bigger projects will take longer, but you can still get back to using your home as soon as the helical piles are installed.

When Should I Choose a Helical Pile Repair?

Foremost Foundations and Construction can help you choose the best repair method for your problem. We typically recommend a helical piles repair when you want:

  • A long-term solution to repair a damaged foundation

  • To stabilize other structures like your deck, shed or stoop

  • A solution that is installed quickly and with minimum disruption to your home

  • Fast, efficient service from a qualified team

  • To sell your property but need a quick solution

Are Helical Piles the Best Option for Foundation Repair?

Yes, we can say that helical piles are the most efficient, cost-effective, and permanent solution for foundations that are settling and need repair. Unlike excavating soil, helical piles require no soil cuttings. This keeps the work site clean, which is important for busy households. Also, no special machinery is needed so there is little disruption to you and your neighbors.

If your home has foundation problems, you don’t have to rip up your entire yard to address the issue. A residential helical piles repair is a fast, efficient, and affordable way to fix this problem and ensure your home is safe. Contact Foremost Foundations and Construction to learn more.

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