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Lift and Stabilize Concrete with Polyurethane Services

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Polyurethane (Polyjacking) Services Mississippi

When you step outside your home or business, do you see unsightly or broken up concrete areas? Sinking sidewalks, patios and interior floors aren’t just an eyesore - they can also be a danger to your family, your visitors and your employees.

There are many reasons why concrete sinks happen, such as freezing, improper installation and faulty foundations. But this does not mean that you are stuck with sinking concrete! You can fix this issue quickly, efficiently and affordably with polyurethane services in Mississippi.

What are Polyurethane Injections for Foundation Repair?

Also known as “polyjacking,” this process uses high-density polyurethane foam and injects it under your home or business from above. The foam raises the structure back to its original elevation.

How the polyfoam works is actually quite impressive. When injected through tiny holes, it compresses the soil underneath and lifts the structure. The foam then expands and dries like a rigid material.

It might be deceiving, but polyurethane foam is very strong when it dries. In fact, it’s often used to repair roads, which hundreds of trucks and cars drive on every day! If you’re looking to lift your foundation, polyurethane foam is a great option.

Benefits of Using Polyurethane Foam to Lift Your Foundation

Polyjacking is a great solution for certain situations. However, it is possible that you may need to use polyurethane foam with drilled piers for increased stability and longevity. Foremost Foundations and Construction will let you know which options are best for your needs.

If we do decide that polyjacking is right for you, here are some benefits to look forward to:

  • Less interior mess. You don’t have to pack up your things and move out of the home temporarily. And, your floor won’t be heavily impacted. Smaller and fewer drilling holes are used.

  • Shorter installation time. Polyjacking typically takes a few days as opposed to weeks. This is especially great for businesses that can’t afford to close.

  • Less cost. Polyurethane foam injections cost less than other foundation repair methods. And, they don't require the same heavy equipment like mudjacking does.

  • Long lasting. Unlike mud or sand/cement, polyurethane concrete lifting will not break down over time. This makes it a long-lasting solution.

Schedule an Estimate for Polyurethane Services in Mississippi

If you need to lift and stabilize your foundation, polyurethane foam injections are likely to be a great solution! They are more expensive than mudjacking, but they last longer, stretching your dollar further. You also get a quicker job, as polyurethane injections can cure in about 15 minutes compared to a full day with mudjacking.

To find out if this concrete repair method is ideal for your project, schedule an estimate with Foremost Foundations and Construction.

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