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Why Poly Foam Lifting is Ideal for Jackson's Soil Type

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In Jackson, Mississippi, homeowners and property managers face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining the integrity of their buildings' foundations. The local soil type, characterized by its clay-rich composition, is particularly susceptible to changes in moisture content, leading to soil expansion and contraction. This phenomenon can cause significant foundation issues, ranging from minor cracks to major structural damage.


However, a modern solution has emerged as a beacon of hope for addressing these challenges: poly foam lifting in Jackson MS. This innovative technique not only offers a quick and efficient fix but is also remarkably suited to the geology of Jackson. Here's why poly foam lifting is the ideal solution for Jackson's soil type.


Understanding Jackson's Soil Composition


Jackson's soil is predominantly clayey, a type known for its high plasticity. This means it can undergo significant volume changes based on moisture content. During rainy seasons, the soil expands, while in dry conditions, it contracts. These fluctuations can exert uneven pressure on foundations, leading to settling, cracking and other forms of damage.


The Limitations of Traditional Methods


Traditionally, methods such as mud jacking or extensive foundation replacement have been used to address these issues. However, these solutions often fall short. Mud jacking, for instance, adds more weight to the soil, potentially exacerbating the problem. Foundation replacement, on the other hand, is not only disruptive and time-consuming but also fails to address the underlying soil instability.


The Advantages of Poly Foam Lifting


Poly foam lifting emerges as an ideal solution for several reasons:


  • Lightweight material. The polyurethane foam used in this process adds minimal weight to the soil, reducing the risk of further compaction and settling.

  • Durability. Poly foam is highly durable and resistant to water and chemicals, making it less likely to degrade over time compared to traditional materials.

  • Precision lifting. The injection process allows for targeted lifting, addressing specific areas of the foundation that have settled without the need for extensive excavation.

  • Minimal disruption. Poly foam lifting can be completed quickly, often in just a few hours, and doesn’t require the extensive digging and disruption associated with other methods.

  • Cost-effectiveness. By offering a long-term solution that minimizes future maintenance needs, poly foam lifting is a cost-effective option for foundation repair.


The Process


The poly foam lifting process involves drilling small holes into the affected foundation area and injecting a two-part polyurethane foam. The foam expands beneath the foundation, lifting it back to its original level. The injected foam then cures quickly, creating a stable, water-resistant support that mitigates the impact of soil movement.


Schedule Poly Foam Lifting in Jackson MS


For residents and property owners in Jackson, MS, dealing with the challenges posed by the local soil type, poly foam lifting offers a promising solution. Its ability to address the unique demands of clay-rich soil, combined with its efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness, makes it an ideal choice for foundation repair and stabilization.


To schedule a free inspection and estimate for poly foam lifting, contact Foremost Foundations and Construction at 601-405-1052.

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