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Hydrovac Services

Commercial Hydrovac Services

Commercial hydrovac excavation services are a cutting-edge approach to digging that combines high-pressure water with a powerful vacuum system. It’s non-destructive and can be used safely and efficiently to expose underground utilities and infrastructure. Due to the precision and safety of hydrovac excavation, this is a preferred choice for various industrial and construction projects, particularly in sensitive or congested areas.


Foremost Foundations and Construction is a hydrovac company that provides fast, efficient and cost-effective hydro excavation services. Our contractors have been specially trained in how to use the equipment with speed, precision and accuracy, minimizing disruption to industrial and commercial businesses. To schedule a free estimate on this project, contact us today at 601-405-1052.


How Commercial Hydrovac Services Work


For many decades, it was standard practice to use hydraulic excavators and backhoes to dig around or expose utilities during excavation. However, this wasn’t the safest or most efficient way to do things. Operator accidents were common, and damage frequently occurred to underground utilities, especially in crowded, urban areas. Fortunately, a new way to dig emerged: vacuum excavation.


With hydro vacuum excavation, water is used to expose or dig around utilities. It loosens the soil, digs the hole and then suctions the muddy material into a tank, where it’s carried off-site for disposal. This technology allows for quick and precise excavations without the traditional issues of backfill, heavy equipment, intense labor and conventional drilling. More importantly, hydrovac services pose very little threat, if any, to underground utilities.


What are the Benefits of Commercial Hydrovac Excavation?


Hydro truck services offer distinct advantages over traditional mechanical digging methods in the following ways:


  • Safety. By using a hydrovac, it’s possible to dig around existing utilities, gas mains, power lines, etc. without risking damage to the infrastructure or harming workers. Before this, utility strikes were common.


  • Precision. Hydrovac allows for pinpoint accuracy, minimizing the disturbance to surrounding areas. This is especially beneficial in urban areas or environmentally sensitive zones.


  • Efficiency. Hydrovac systems can excavate quickly, saving time and labor costs compared to manual or mechanical digging.


  • Environmental impact. Hydro trucks cause less disruption to the soil and surrounding landscape, which can help maintain the integrity of the site.


  • Versatility. Hydrovac can be used in a variety of soil types, including the clay soils commonly found in Mississippi.


Common Applications of Hydrovac Excavation


Foremost Foundations and Construction provides hydrovac services for a variety of sectors, including utility, construction and municipal industries. Typical applications include:


  • Utility locating and exposing. By using hydrovac equipment, our workers can safely uncover gas, water and telecommunication lines and report our findings to workers for repairs or upgrades.


  • Potholing or daylighting. Hydro excavation trucks make it possible to visually confirm buried lines or pipes at planned excavation sites. Not only can we detect these underground lines, but also we can determine their horizontal position and depth.

  • Slot trenching. The process of digging narrow, elongated trenches to accommodate pipes, cables and other structures is made possible with hydrovac services.

  • Debris removal. With the right equipment, it’s easy to clear out debris from existing structures like pipes and culverts for improved functionality.

  • Cold weather digging. If the soil is frozen, it’s possible to execute excavation tasks without the need for thawing equipment.


Schedule Services with Our Commercial Hydrovac Company Today


Commercial hydrovac excavation services are revolutionizing how excavation work is performed across various industries. By combining the power of high-pressure water and precise vacuum extraction, hydrovac techniques offer a safer, cleaner and more efficient way to manage excavation projects. To schedule a free estimate for your commercial project, contact Foremost Foundations and Construction today.

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I highly recommend Steve Folk, Bray Watkins and the entire Foremost team. I hired them because part of my driveway sunk nearly 6 inches at the entrance to the carport. Foremost was able to raise the driveway nearly even, which reduced risk of a blown out tire on our vehicles. Additionally, they installed 13 screwjacks under the house, which was dipping towards the middle and creating a bowl effect. We saw an immediate improvement. Their work and customer service were fantastic!

- Tripp Segars

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