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Why Helical Piles are the Best Method for Foundation Repair

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Helical Piles Repair Mississippi

Most people are aware of what happens above ground, especially if you work in commercial construction. What you might not be aware of is what happens underneath the ground, at the foundational level. One thing you will find is helical piles used to stabilize large structures.

The purpose of a helical pile is to provide foundational support for structures like homes and buildings. Some piles can hold up to 300 tons of weight and have a general lifespan of 120 years or more! In our experience, helical piles are also often the best way to fix a settling foundation. They are considered a long-term repair when compared to other repair methods like concrete push piles.

Helical Pile Repair in Mississippi

Foundation problems are more common than you probably think. An estimated 25 percent of U.S. homes will suffer structural distress at some point, and roughly 5 percent of them will be significant. Foundation problems must be addressed because they will reduce the home’s value, make it difficult to sell and cause problems like the following:

● Cracks in the walls and ceiling

● Chimney separation

● Sagging or uneven floors

● Sticky doors and windows

● Gaps around window frames and doors

Benefits of Helical Piles for Foundation Repair

If you are experiencing foundation problems from soil erosion or poor soil compaction, your best solution may be helical piles. These steel posts are screwed into the ground next to your foundation until they reach stable soil. Once the piles are installed to the proper depth, they are attached to the foundation with brackets. Once the brackets are installed, we will back-fill the holes and clean up the area.

Below are the reasons why we recommend a helical piles repair for foundation problems:

Verified installation. Helical piles are installed using a special drive head that allows us to monitor the hydraulic pressure in real time. This allows us to verify that we have hit the correct pressure needed for the weight of the structure.

Ability to work in poor soils. If a home or business is built on poor soil, helical piles are the best solution. They come in multiply pile sizes which allow for many different soil types and bearing capacities. Most times one size doesn’t fit all!

Installed to the correct soil depth. The layers of different soil types under your foundation are not even in fact most times the soil types look like waves in the ocean. Helical piles are installed with hydraulic drive heads which allow for them to get to the load bearing soils which is usually 21’-30’ deep. Other repair methods generally only go to about 10’ deep and may not being in suitable soils.

Long Term Repair Method. Helical piles are recommended by Structural Engineers over most other methods because of the many benefits they offer. Not only is it the way helical piles are made but also the different design capabilities as well as the installation method that makes them the premier method for foundation repair.

Helical piles repair in Mississippi is a fast and cost-effective way to fix foundation problems. To learn more about this method of foundation repair, contact Foremost Foundations and Construction today.

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