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When is the Best Time for a French Drain Installation in Mississippi

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

french drain installation Mississippi

Are you planning to install a French drain to help with drainage issues on your property? French drains provide an easy channel for water to flow through. They are primarily used to move water that is trapped in the ground away from an area. Without this type of drain, the water could pool around the foundation and create problems.

Once you make the decision to install a French drain, you’ll have to decide the best time to have it done. Fortunately, it’s possible to install a French drain at any time of year, even in the winter. As long

Spring and Summer French Drain Installation in Mississippi

Most of the French drains we install are in the spring and summer because this is when people are thinking about their landscapes. Plus, spring tends to be a rainy season and this is when a lot of homeowners notice potential drainage issues.

During periods of rain, it’s easiest to perform a thorough inspection and highlight areas where drainage needs to be improved. Some of the signs to look for include:

  • Pooling water

  • Over saturated soil

  • Dying vegetation

  • Pest activity

  • Excessive topsoil removal

If you miss the spring season, summer is another great time to install a French drain. Why? Because if the water isn’t moved away from the home, the heat and humidity from the summer can increase your chances for wood eating insects like carpenter ants and termites.

Fall and Winter French Drain Installation

While winter is a less popular time to install a French drain, it can be done. In fact, there are unique benefits to installing a French drain during the cooler months. For example, by installing a French drain in the winter, you can be assured that your foundation will stay as dry as it can be when it rains.

Installing a French drain in the winter will have you ready for the spring season and the rain that comes with it, eliminating further damage to your property. Spring also tends to be the busiest for landscaping companies so you can often get better service during the winter. As a foundation repair company, we have availability all year long!

Install a French Drain on Your Property Today!

French drains are an affordable and effective way to correct drainage issues on your property. Even though we’re going into the fall and winter months, there’s still plenty of time to install a French drain. You can correct problems, prevent further damage to your property, and be ready for spring. Schedule your appointment for French drain installation in Mississippi today!

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