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French Drain Installation - When to Hire a Pro

french drain installation

When it comes to French drain installation, some people are under the impression that this is a DIY job. However, French drains can actually be very difficult to install because you have to make sure the trench is dug deep enough and with enough pitch to move the water away from the problem area.

While we love to help people save time and money, DIY projects are not always best. They can actually end up costing you more money (and aspirin!) in the long run. We do agree, though, that it’s not always necessary to hire a professional. Below is more information about when you should hire an expert to install a French drain.

Factors for DIY vs Professional French Drain Installation

Installing a French drain to handle minor flooding in your yard can probably be done on your own. But, if you’re dealing with flooding that’s not minor, or you're trying to keep water out of your basement, you’ll definitely want to contact a professional. Trying to complete a French drain DIY project without the proper knowledge and equipment won’t be easy.

Here are some factors to consider.

  • Amount of soil. A French drain requires a ditch that’s at least a foot wide and 18 inches deep. So for every foot you dig, you should be taking out one-and-half cubic feet of soil. It’s essential that you dig the trench deep enough. Professionals have industrial equipment that gets this job done quickly and easily.

  • Safe digging. Before you can actually do any digging, you need to make sure the area is safe. Contact your city so they can mark where gas lines and other underground utilities are. If you hire a professional, they’ll handle this for you.

  • Gravel. You’ll also need to account for gravel. You need about .6 yards of gravel for every 10 feet of drainage. Not only will you need this delivered to your home, but also you’ll need to find a place for all the soil you dug out. As mentioned above, a professional will take care of this for you.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Install a French Drain

When you hire a professional for a French drain, your cost will include the initial consultation and bid, parts and materials, labor and backfilling. So, while the initial price might seem high compared to DIY work, it takes care of everything for you. Most importantly, it ensures the project is done right.

Foremost Foundations and Construction has the experience, knowledge and equipment needed to make your French drain project move smoothly. We are the local dealer for Hydraway Drainage systems - one of the best French drain systems on the market. It can be used on both residential and commercial properties and it takes care of all drainage issues.

To get an estimate on what a French drain would cost you, contact Foremost Foundations and Construction today.

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