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3 Situations Where You Need A French Drain Installation

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

French Drain Installation

Water always flows downhill, using the easiest route possible. That’s the purpose of a French drain - it’s a simple trench dug into the ground to divert water away from the house. The trench is filled with a pipe wrapped in fabric and covered with several layers of stone or gravel.

French drains work because gravity causes the water to flow downhill, through the stones and into the pipe, where the water can then exit the pipe in a better area. . So how do you know which areas are problematic and require a French drain installation? Below are three situations when it makes sense to install a French drain.

1. Problems with Surface Water

Standing water is typically caused by poor draining soil and low spots in the yard. A French drain is a great solution because it will provide the water with a different path. Fortunately, you don’t need to dig deep to remove surface water. A shallow French drain or curtain drain is all you need to channel water down a different path. Typically, these drains are about 2 feet long and 1.5 feet wide.

2. Flooded Basement

Another problem you may run into is a flooded basement. While most basement flooding occurs during big rains or snow melts, it can also occur during other times of the year. Usually, this is due to seepage through the walls or foundation floor.

For this purpose, you’ll need a deep French drain or footing drain. These drains surround the perimeter of your home and drain the water before it can enter the basement. The best time to install this type of drain is during the construction phase of your home. You can install a deep French drain after your home is built, but it will be more labor intensive and expensive.

3. Building a Retaining Wall

If you are building a retaining wall to prevent soil from moving downhill, you’ll need a drainage solution. A French drain prevents water from accumulating near the wall. Without it, the water would build up behind the wall and cause it to weaken. The pipe should sit on the same compacted gravel base or concrete footing that supports the wall. You may also need to install landscape cloth over the base of the footing to prevent clogs.

Schedule a Residential French Drains Installation Today

Foremost Foundations and Construction provides drainage mitigation services in Jackson, MS. French drains are one of the most effective types of drainage systems available. You can expect a wide range of benefits such as improved soil quality and the elimination of swampy areas. To speak with one of our professional technicians about installing a French drain, contact our team today.

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