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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair in Hattiesburg

foundation repair Hattiesburg

No homeowner wants to hear that they have foundation damage, as it can be expensive to fix. Some homeowners believe that they can lean on their insurance policy for help, but this is usually not an option. Coverage is typically based on what caused the problem, and in most cases, you’ll be on your own for repairs.

Let’s discuss what typically is and is not covered by homeowners insurance and what to do if you’re in need of foundation repair in Hattiesburg.

Note: This article is for informational purposes only. To find out if foundation problems are covered under your policy, contact your insurance company.

Assessing the Cause of Damage

Homeowners insurance covers some foundation issues, but there’s a long list of exceptions. Generally speaking, if damage occurred to your foundation from an event that was out of your control, such as a tree falling on your house, the repairs are typically covered.

If your foundation issues were the result of something that could have been prevented, your insurance policy probably won’t cover it. Most foundation issues fall under this umbrella, as they are often caused by too much or too little water. For example, poor drainage can cause water to pool around your foundation, but you can fix this by installing proper drainage.

When Does Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?

Each homeowners policy is different, so it’s important to read the details of your policy. That being said, most policies will cover foundation damage from the following perils:

  • Strong winds

  • Lightning strike

  • Fire

  • Vandalism

  • Fallen trees

  • Explosions

  • Car or aircraft impact

  • Plumbing or HVAC issues

Also, it’s important to know that homeowners insurance will cover most natural disasters and extreme weather, with the exception of earthquakes and floods. You’ll need separate policies for these coverages.

When is Foundation Repair Not Covered?

If the foundation problems could have been prevented, then you’ll likely have to pay for them out of pocket. Here are some examples:

  • Foundation settlement

  • Damage from frost heave

  • Foundation leaks

  • Wall movement from soil expansion

  • Poor construction

  • Tree root damage

  • Earthquake or flood damage

Can Foundation Repair in Hattiesburg Be Affordable?

Here at Foremost Foundations and Construction, most of the clients and customers we work with pay for foundation repair out of pocket. Thanks to poly foam injections, foundation repair is faster, easier and more economical than ever before.

The process works by drilling small holes into the foundation and injecting polyurethane foam into them. The foam spreads into the voids underneath the foundation, filling, expanding and hardening within seconds. As the foam expands, it lifts the foundation back to its original level.

Not only is this method of foundation repair economical, but also it dries in just an hour or less, meaning same-day repairs! To get a free estimate for foundation repair, contact Foremost Foundations and Construction today.

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