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Do You Need Crawl Space Encapsulation in Mississippi

High levels of moisture and humidity in a crawl space might not be uncommon, but they can still damage structural elements and raise the risk for mold and mildew. To prevent this from happening, crawl space encapsulation is the solution. The national average cost of crawl space encapsulation is $5,500, but this number can vary widely depending on the size and condition of your crawl space.

Foremost Foundations and Construction provides professional crawl space encapsulation in Meridian MS and other parts of Mississippi. If you’re interested in having your crawl space encapsulated, contact us today for an inspection and estimate. We’d love to go over the benefits of this and how it can improve efficiency and air quality in your home!

How to Know if Your Home Needs Crawl Space Encapsulation in Mississippi

Maintaining a home comes with many decisions and expenses, and it can be hard to know where to spend your money. Fortunately, not every home with a basement needs encapsulation. So how can you tell if your crawl space can benefit from this? Here are some signs to take note of.

Your windows have condensation on them.

If your windows are ‘sweating,’ then you have too much moisture in your home. Sweaty windows are a sign that water vapor has moved along the edges of the glass. It’s probably forming inside your walls, too, which can cause costly damage in the long run.

There is a musty smell.

Do you notice a musty smell? Musty smells typically mean mold, and it can leak into the living area of your home and affect your health. Mold forms when there’s high humidity, condensation and water leaks. If you don’t pinpoint the source of the mold, it will continue to grow and impact your home - and your health.

You notice insect activity in your home.

There are many different reasons why insects take over, but one of the most common is because they have access to moisture. Insects love wet, humid environments, which means a moisture-rich crawl space makes a great home. Crawl space encapsulation in Meridian MS will nip this problem in the bud by eliminating moisture and keeping bugs out.

The rooms in your home feel drafty.

You might think that a drafty room means you need to replace your windows, but sometimes, it’s improper insulation and other air leaks that are the problem. Aside from drafty rooms, also pay attention to cold floors, popping or cracking floors, high energy bills and your heating/cooling system running constantly.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, get in touch with Foremost Foundations and Construction. We look forward to assessing your crawl space and determining if crawl space encapsulation in Mississippi will help increase efficiency, improve air quality and make your home healthier!

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