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5 Benefits of Commercial Concrete Lifting in Mississippi

concrete lifting mississippi

Concrete lifting is a type of repair that lifts sunken concrete by pumping polyfoam resin through the concrete. The resin expands and fills in the cracks, thus lifting the concrete and making it safe and level once again. This is a far superior method compared to traditional slabjacking alternatives, as poly foam is lightweight, requires minimal equipment and cures within minutes.

If you need commercial concrete lifting in Mississippi, you’ll love what polyurethane injections can do for your project. Below are five benefits of concrete lifting for your business.

1. Fast

Concrete lifting provides quick results. The repair process takes just a few hours, and you don’t have to demolish or remove the old slab. This is especially important for commercial businesses, as downtime can hurt your bottom line. The polyurethane foam also cures quickly, allowing vehicles, traffic, people and equipment to use the surface almost immediately, usually within 15 minutes or so.

2. Economical

Since concrete lifting involves less time, equipment and labor, companies are able to charge less. There are many factors that influence how much you’ll pay for this service, but many businesses report savings of around 50 percent. A slab replacement, on the other hand, costs a lot more because the slab needs to be removed and repoured. This requires extensive equipment and labor.

3. Eco Friendly

If your business takes pride in being sustainable, you’ll feel good using concrete lifting to fix sunken or settled concrete. Polyurethane foam does not react with the soil or moisture, which means it won’t leach toxic chemicals into the ground or poison the surrounding grass. Thanks to the eco-friendliness of poly foam, it’s now one of the most environmentally benign and versatile materials in use.

4. No Heavy Equipment

As mentioned above, concrete lifting requires no heavy equipment. You need this type of equipment when working with concrete, but concrete lifting only needs lightweight poly foam. The process involves drilling small holes into the concrete slab and injecting the filler material. With no heavy equipment, you can avoid downtime and keep your property safe.

5. Less Property Damage

As a business owner or property manager, you’re responsible for keeping your property safe, clean and well-maintained. Fortunately, concrete lifting is minimally invasive. Since there is no heavy machinery or large crews working to remove and pour new concrete, you can keep your business operations running normally.

Are you ready to get an estimate for commercial concrete lifting in Mississippi? Contact Foremost Foundation and Construction and we’ll be happy to explain our process and how we’ll repair your concrete without disrupting your business.

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