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Skilled Wood Retaining Wall Repair

You rely on your seawall to protect your property from high tides and storms. However, even a robust structure can erode over time, leading to deterioration such as cracks and instability. To prevent seawall failure and flooding, make sure any seawall erosion repair is completed at the first sign of trouble.

Foremost Foundations has options to strengthen your seawall and prevent storm surges, boat wakes, and salt corrosion from destroying it. Find out the causes and signs of seawall erosion and your options for fixing it.

What Causes Seawalls to Erode?

When waves crash against the shore, they take sand, soil, and other materials with them. If you want to prevent your property from ending up in the ocean, it's important to take steps to protect it. You can do this with seawalls that stand up against the constantly charging waves and salt water.  

However over time, wind, water, and weather take their toll on the most stalwart seawalls. If you already have one, you'll need to perform regular seawall erosion repairs to keep it in working condition.

Signs of Seawall Erosion include:

  • Structural damage elsewhere on the property: If you notice that your patio or pool has a few cracks, it may indicate that your seawall requires immediate attention.

  • Gaps along seawall: If your seawall has pulled away from the soil, leaving a gap, you may require new anchors as part of the seawall erosion repair.

  • Cracks and movement: Does your seawall have hairline or larger cracks running along the top of the structure?


Seawalls are made from wood, rock, sheet piles, concrete, and many other materials. It's important to recognize the signs of distress to handle them as quickly as possible.

Repair Seawall Erosion to Protect Your Property

At Foremost Foundations, we’ve repaired numerous seawalls in Mississippi. Seawall erosion repair typically includes seawall cap repair and polyurethane sealant, as follows:

  • Seawall Cap Repair: The cap or top of your seawall consists of panels that hold together the rest of the structure. When seawall caps crack, it can damage the wall. Partner with us to seal and repair this problem as quickly as possible.

  • Certified Polyurethane Sealant: For a modern approach, polyurethane sealant injected into the soil can fill in fissures and gaps where water has collected. This helps to displace the water. We create a polyurethane barrier to strengthen the soil and reinforce the bond between the seawall and your property. Additionally, the resin creates a layer of protection, preventing more erosion.


Contact Foremost Foundations online or call us at (601) 405-1052 for seawall erosion repair. You can count on our team to provide upfront estimates and honest evaluations of the work needed. Let us bring your wall back to its former glory and function, with flawless seawall erosion repair services.

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I Highly Recommend

I highly recommend Steve Folk, Bray Watkins and the entire Foremost team. I hired them because part of my driveway sunk nearly 6 inches at the entrance to the carport. Foremost was able to raise the driveway nearly even, which reduced risk of a blown out tire on our vehicles. Additionally, they installed 13 screwjacks under the house, which was dipping towards the middle and creating a bowl effect. We saw an immediate improvement. Their work and customer service were fantastic!

- Tripp Segars

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