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Proud Members of Seawall Repair Network (SRN)

Seawall repair involves the restoration of bulkheads that show signs of structural instability or erosion. A properly built seawall withstand the force of storms and waves to protect your property. Poor construction and improper repairs can result in the premature decline of your bulkhead. Therefore, it’s important to choose contractors with many years of experience and a reputation for reliable seawall repairs.

Organizations that are members of the Seawall Repair Network utilize advanced techniques to stabilize and preserve seawalls for residential and commercial property owners and managers. The network has become synonymous with high-quality seawall services that keep the sea at bay. Foremost Foundations & Construction is a proud member of the Seawall Repair Network and many of our clients come to us through this industry leading organization.


Qualified Professionals You Can Trust


As the only national organization of its kind, the Seawall Repair Network is an alliance of qualified professionals who can rehabilitate your crumbling, leaning, and damaged bulkhead. Using a proprietary repair process, SRN contractors use durable materials, exemplary technical qualifications, and a focus on customer servuce needed to produce lasting on-site seawall repair work.

SRN contractors are chosen based on their advanced training, skills, and proven experience. They follow a proprietary repair process that produces strong, restored bulkheads that last for many years.

Foremost Foundations & Construction offers the following seawall repairs:

  • Seawall rebuilding: We can rebuild part or all of your seawall using advanced technologies.

  • Seawall reinforcement: Using stone, metal, and steel, we restore strength and beauty to your coastal retaining wall.

  • Seawall rehabilitation: Seawalls begin to show wear and tear that requires prompt rehabilitation to prevent failures and flooding.

  • Seawall reconstruction: In the worst-case scenario, we’ll rebuild the wall with modern techniques and materials.


What Are the Advantages of Working with SRN?

To prevent serious damage and destruction to your home, property, or building:

  • Turn to proven experts for the best results.

  • Minimize the disruption to your property with affordable seawall repairs.

  • Repair your seawalls with quality materials instead of slurry, cheap cement, and sodium silicate. Our technicians address soil instability to minimize pressure on the repaired seawall.

  • SRN is a national organization that monitors the efforts of its members. Go with the pros who know seawalls best.


Seawall Repair Network’s Customized Solution


The extensive training offered by the SRN includes the following repair services:

  • Proprietary SW-RP1 Repair Material

  • Permanent Anchoring System

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Control Technology

  • Seawall Cap and Panel Repair


With no demolition required, seawall rehabilitation can save you time and money. Using the proprietary methods of the Seawall Repair Network, we can avoid damage to plants and landscaping, and eliminate erosion that can shrink your acreage. Are you ready to raise your property value and appearance with long-standing SRN members?


Contact Foremost Foundations online or call us at (601) 405-1052 for seawall repairs along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We are a Seawall Repair Network member with a long track record of successful seawall repair projects in our portfolio.

Seawall Repair Network

What People Are Saying


I Highly Recommend

I highly recommend Steve Folk, Bray Watkins and the entire Foremost team. I hired them because part of my driveway sunk nearly 6 inches at the entrance to the carport. Foremost was able to raise the driveway nearly even, which reduced risk of a blown out tire on our vehicles. Additionally, they installed 13 screwjacks under the house, which was dipping towards the middle and creating a bowl effect. We saw an immediate improvement. Their work and customer service were fantastic!

- Tripp Segars

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