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5 Things to Know About the Seawall Repair Network

Seawall Repair Network

Foremost Foundations and Construction is a proud member of the Seawall Repair Network (SRN), the ONLY nationwide network of seawall repair contractors. The purpose of this network is to connect customers with expert marine contractors trained in safe, effective and long-lasting seawall repair. Contractors follow a proprietary repair process while also taking into account the unique characteristics of each property.

If you are in need of seawall repair for your home or business, choosing a contractor from the SRN will provide you with the high-quality results you’re looking for. Below are five important things to know about this seawall repair and preservation network.

1. The proprietary material used for seawall repair is SW-RP1.

The SRN uses SW-RP1, a proprietary solution that repairs and stabilizes seawalls. This material is a semi-rigid hydrophobic polyurethane foam that expands to fill voids and cracks, forming a solid, watertight mass. It’s also environmentally safe and certified to the NSF (61-5) standards for contact with drinking water.

2. All types of seawalls can be repaired using SW-RP1.

The distinctive feature of the SRN is the type of repair material used - not the material of the seawall itself. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if your seawall is made of concrete, wood, vinyl, composite or steel sheet pile. SW-RP1 can be used with any of these materials, as it will permanently bond to, seal and stabilize the structure.

3. The repair process will not damage your property.

One of the many advantages of working with an SRN contractor is that the repair method does not require excavation of your property. Only light equipment is needed to drill small holes and fill them with poly foam. You’ll have your property up and running in no time, with minimal disruption. Plus, SW-RP1 will not have a negative impact on your landscape or hardscape.

4. Repairs generally cost 70-80 percent less than the cost of a seawall replacement.

Understandably, many people worry about the cost of repairing their seawall. You’ll be happy to know that the cost of repairing a seawall through the SRN is around 70-80 percent less than the cost of replacing your seawall. Furthermore, SW-RP1 is rock solid and will last for the life of the structure.

5. Foremost Foundations and Construction is a member of the SRN.

That’s right - Foremost Foundations and Construction is proud to be a member of the SRN. SRN contractors are carefully chosen based on their technical qualifications and experience. They are then thoroughly trained to deliver the highest quality service possible. You can expect great things from our team!

If you need seawall repair, be sure to count on the contractors from the Seawall Repair Network. Foremost Foundations and Construction offers free inspections and estimates, so schedule an appointment today!

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