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Experienced Seawall Construction and Repair in Mississippi

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

If you have a residential or commercial property along the Gulf Coast or an interior lake, you may need a seawall, also called a bulkhead, built to protect your land from the water. If you already have a seawall, you need to pay attention to signs of distress to ensure that your seawall will stand firm and has not deteriorated over time.

At Foremost Foundations & Construction, we construct seawalls using a variety of materials — wood, vinyl, concrete, steel, and composite materials. We also provide affordable, durable repairs to secure the water-facing portion of your property in central and south Mississippi as well as Mobile, AL.

What Are the Signs You Need Seawall Construction or Repair?

If your property isn’t protected by a barrier wall and you live along the coast or a lake, you may need a seawall installed. If you already have a seawall installed and if you see any of the following signs below it’s time for repairs:

  • Depressions in soil behind the seawall

  • Cracks in the top or sides of the bulkhead

  • Rust stains

  • Seawall movement out of its original position

  • Deteriorating slabs

  • Rotted or falling stress beams

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call Foremost Foundations your seawall construction and repair specialist.

What Should You Look for in a Seawall Contractor?

The reputation, years in business, and online reviews of local seawall repair contractors can tell you a lot about how they do business. However, you should also make sure they check out on paper. Ask for the following documentation to protect your property and your investment

  • Business License

  • Liability Insurance (for marine and land) and Workers’ Compensation

  • Bond (if required by city)

  • Knowledge on how to acquire project permits, if required

What Parts of the Seawall May Require Repairs?

There are five main components involved in seawall construction and repair:

  • Wall piles: They secure the sheeting and are generally made of wood

  • Waler: This portion of the bulkhead connects the piles together and provides support.

  • Sheeting: There are several kinds of sheeting (metal, vinyl, composite) that can be used as part of the seawall’s structural elements.

  • Helical Tie-Backs : This structural element anchors to the top of the wall, whaler and pile and is embedded into the soil behind the seawall.

  • Seawall Drainage: All walls should allow for drainage filters that let any water that gets behind the wall to drain out.

What Are the Most Common Seawall Repairs?

Leaning seawalls and sinkholes are common problems that our team fixes on a regular basis. Learn more about our process and let us know if your bulkhead has defects that require our expertise.

Bulkhead Leaning Out

Foremost Foundations can stabilize your property’s seawall to prevent further damage or risk:

  • For concrete, Vinyl, or wood bulkheads, we can install helical tie backs through the wall to stabilize and or pull the wall in to a more vertical position.


Sinkhole repairs typically involve the use of our specialized Polyurethane Resin we deep inject into the sinkholes and surrounding areas that then permeates the water and soils and creates a solid mass. Once we have installed the resin along the length of the wall you will have a permanent repair that will last for a long time.

Call us at (601) 405-1052 to schedule seawall repairs or seawall installation for your residential or commercial property. We serve homeowners and businesses throughout central and south Mississippi and Mobile, AL.

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