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Can Foundation Problems be Fixed Permanently

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Foundation Repair in Mississippi Techniques

Are you worried that your home has foundation problems? Foundation issues can ruin a home if they are left untreated, so it’s important to address them early on. Signs that your foundation may be compromised are cracks in the walls, gaps between the exterior windows and walls, cracks in the floor, nails popping out of the drywall and leaning walls.

If you notice any of these signs, schedule a professional foundation inspection right away. A qualified inspector will be able to tell you the extent of the damage, what’s causing it and your options for repair. It’s important to know that not all repairs are permanent, however.

Options for Foundation Repair in Mississippi

When it comes to repairing a foundation, you’ll want to choose a fast, long-lasting repair that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Here are some of the most common ways that foundations are fixed:

  • Polyurethane foam injections. This process uses polyurethane foam to lift and support a sunken concrete slab foundation. It dries quickly, causes minimal disruption and is long lasting.

  • Helical piles. Helical piles are steel piers with threaded sections that allow them to be screwed into the ground. They are heavier and more intensive to install, but they are the longest lasting option with a lifespan of 150 years or so.

Polyurethane vs Helical Piles: Which is Longer Lasting?

Poly foam injections are often the go-to solution for repairing foundations because the material is lightweight, easy to work with and cost effective. Plus, the polyurethane material dries quickly, which means you can get back to your everyday routine in just hours.

Polyurethane on its own will last a very long time - it does not crack or wear down quickly. However, when it comes to foundation repair in Mississippi, poly injections are considered a short-term repair. The reason why is because there are still bad soils under the poly foam. If these soils move, they can impact the poly foam and the concrete slab above it.

A more permanent solution is helical piers. They are typically designed to last the same amount of time as the structure it supports. Do we recommend helical piers for all residential foundation repairs? No, we don’t. Poly foam injections can give you the lift and support you need for the time being. Heavy buildings and commercial properties are more likely to require helical piles.

To find out how to fix your foundation problems for the long term, contact Foremost Foundations and Construction for an inspection and estimate.

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