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Why Concrete Slab Lifting in Mississippi is Better than a Replacement

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

concrete slab lifting mississippi

When your home has a cracked, uneven, or sunken concrete slab, you have two main options to repair it. You can tear out the damaged slab and replace it, or you can correct the problem with concrete slab lifting in Mississippi. Also known as concrete raising or slabjacking, the lifting process allows for a maximum practical recovery of the foundation while ensuring structural integrity.

Concrete slab lifting is the preferred method for fixing concrete surfaces like driveways, steps, and walkways. It’s a far better option than a full replacement. Let’s explore the reasons why.

It’s Less Expensive

While the price for each job varies, raising and leveling concrete is about 50 to 80 percent cheaper than the cost of a replacement. So it goes without saying that concrete slab lifting is far less expensive than a replacement.

With a replacement, the old slab must be demolished and removed and then a new one is poured. This requires a lot of time, labor, and materials, hence the price difference. And since replacing the slab doesn’t stabilize the soil foundation in the same ways as slab lifting does, you could be faced with additional repairs later on.

You Can’t Tell the Difference

Slabjacking requires drilling several small holes in the damaged slab, injecting material into them and then sealing them off. You won’t notice any work was done - unless you go looking for it of course!

With a replacement, the new concrete will look fine, but how will it match up to the surrounding concrete? If you don’t want the new concrete to have a different color or texture from the rest, such as when repairing a sidewalk or patio, slab lifting is the better option.

It’s Fast and Easy - Typically Completed in One Day!

Replacing a slab involves a lot of work, machinery, and noise. And this process creates a lot of dust and dirt that you probably don’t want to clean up! Thankfully, concrete slab lifting in Mississippi is a much faster and cleaner process.

Most projects take an hour or two to complete depending on their size and complexity. Sense the poly foam cures in about 30 seconds , once the project is complete you can immediately park your vehicle on the concrete . This is much more favorable than having to wait days for the concrete to dry.

Schedule Your Appointment for Concrete Slab Lifting in MS

Foremost Foundations and Construction provides fast, efficient, and affordable concrete slab lifting for Mississippi homeowners. This process can repair almost any type of damaged concrete, whether it’s from seasonal changes, a poor drainage system, tree roots or something else. Contact us today for a free site evaluation.

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