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Solutions for Commercial Foundation Repair in Mississippi

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

commercial foundation repair Mississippi

Commercial foundations are prone to many different foundation problems. Because they are often large and require lots of concrete, it’s not uncommon for commercial properties to experience settling, cracks and sloped floors. Typically, commercial foundation problems are a result of improperly mixed concrete, poor soil compaction, changing soil conditions or moisture.

Foremost Foundations and Construction specializes in foundation repairs for commercial structures. If you're experiencing signs of foundation failure, schedule a free inspection. We’ll take a look and provide you with several solutions for commercial foundation repair in Mississippi.

Signs of Commercial Foundation Failure

The signs of foundation failure are the same for both commercial and residential structures. However, because commercial buildings are larger and heavier, the signs may be more pronounced. Here are some red flags to watch for:

  • Settlement or shifting

  • Floor or wall cracks

  • Water leakage

  • Sloped or uneven floors

  • Bowed or leaning walls

  • Sticking windows and doors

Options for Commercial Foundation Repair in Mississippi

The foundation repair solutions we recommend will depend on the type of foundation problem you’re experiencing, its severity and your soil conditions. Let’s look closer at how we address commercial foundation issues.

Underpinning systems

For sinking foundations, we recommend underpinning techniques. These involve installing steel push piers into the ground to support the weight of the structure. Underpinning techniques are a great option for foundations that are weak or unstable.

Helical piles

Another option is piling, which uses helical piles to support the foundation. Helical piles are screwed into the ground and removed slowly, injecting concrete into the hollow shaft. Helical piles are quick and easy to install, and they can be loaded immediately after installation.

Poly foam

Polyurethane foam injections are used for concrete lifting, as well as to stabilize soils. The equipment needed is minimal, and you can achieve the same results of traditional mudjacking, but with lightweight materials. It’s also 80 percent quicker than other repair methods.

Tieback anchors

Tieback anchors (also known as helical anchors) are small grouted anchors installed at a 15 to 45 degree angle. Ground anchors are similar, though installed vertically to lift structures. Tieback anchors are recommended for buildings that need lateral stability due to unbalanced earth pressures.

Commercial foundation problems can be serious, so it’s important to address them as soon as possible. To schedule a free inspection and estimate, contact Foremost Foundations and Construction today.

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