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5 Ways Concrete Raising In Biloxi MS Can Help Your Commercial Property

Has your commercial property started to crack and sink? While sunken concrete is not uncommon, it is something that you need to address. Otherwise, your building may no longer be ADA compliant or safe for customers, employees, and visitors.

Learn more about commercial concrete raising in Biloxi MS as well as other parts of Mississippi and the top five ways it can improve your property.

Why Does Concrete Sink?

Concrete slabs are heavy! When concrete is poured over soil, it’s possible that the soil will settle and the concrete will cave in. Here are some of the reasons why concrete sinking happens to commercial properties.

  • Lack of support. If only part of the concrete slab is supported by soils and the rest is not, the unsupported parts might slip away, causing cracking and crumbling.

  • Type of soil. Different types of soil have different load-bearing capacities. If the concrete is too heavy for the soil, it will compact and settle.

  • Soil shrinkage. If the soil underneath the slab isn’t compact, the concrete can begin to sink as the soil hardens.

  • Washout of soil. Sinking concrete can also be caused by the washout of soils. As water moves underneath the concrete slabs, it can wash away the soil that’s supposed to be holding the weight of the concrete. This creates voids that allow the concrete slab to cave in.

How Concrete Raising Will Help Your Commercial Property

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your building and the surrounding areas safe and secure. If you need to raise concrete for safety, ADA compliance or risk aversion reasons, Foremost Foundations and Construction can help. We offer professional concrete raising in Biloxi MS.

Below are five ways concrete lifting can help your commercial property.

  1. Improve your building’s appearance. Concrete raising can quickly and easily restore your property and make it look like new again

  2. Eliminate hazards. To keep your building safe, you’ll need to avoid sunken or cracked concrete. Concrete raising will make your property safe for everyone.

  3. Increase property value. Fixing sunken or cracked concrete will increase the value of your commercial property.

  4. Mitigate damage. If you don’t fix sunken concrete, you can experience structural and cosmetic issues. Making the necessary repairs prevents this from happening.

  5. Reduced long-term costs. Commercial concrete raising is cheaper, faster, and easier than replacing an entire slab.

If the concrete on your commercial property is sinking, settling, or cracking, contact Foremost Foundations and Construction. We provide commercial concrete lifting with the latest technology and licensed, insured technicians.

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