Superior Helical Pile Repair for Mississippi Businesses

Foremost Foundations & Construction provides helical pile foundation repair for businesses in Mississippi to correct damage due to poor soil conditions. Helical piles, or screw piles as they are sometimes called, have a multitude of uses in industrial and commercial applications. For example, in the construction industry they are used to support new foundations or repair old ones. Additionally, helical piles can be installed in several ways and for various loads which allows them to be used in compression and tension applications.

Made of hollow steel tubes, helical piles stabilize structures by creating torque as they are installed into the soil. This is read as a pressure while being installed and verifies the amount of weight the pile can carry. This is one of the main reasons structural engineers approve of the helical piles for repair and new foundations.

Foremost Foundations & Construction performs an array of commercial foundation repairs, including helical piles repair in Mississippi.

What Are Helical Piles?

There are many aliases for helical piles. They are sometimes referred to as helical piers, helical anchors, screw piles, and helix anchors. Whatever you call them, these manufactured steel foundation systems have a central shaft with one or multiple bearing blades in a helical shape. The blades, sometimes referred to as flights, are welded to the central section.

Manufacturers use extension shafts to extend the pile so that it can bear weight and distribute it across the underlying soil. Additionally, the helical shape makes it easier to screw the piles into the earth to the desired depth and capacity. Brackets at the tops of the piles attach to structures, such as your foundation. They are often used in new construction or for foundation repair.

How Do Helical Piles Work?

The Helical pile repair system in Mississippi can restore the foundation of your commercial building. As well as be used for new construction when a deep foundation system is needed to carry large loads. In new construction and repair work the engineer would design the piles to account for the weight of the building as well as the soil conditions. Helical piles can be installed more efficiently than most other foundation systems and are typically designed with a 2:1 safety factor. 

Where Can You Use Helical Piles?

When engineers want a verifiable deep foundation system, they use helical piles in new construction. They can also sustain and remediate existing structures with distressed foundations.

Some examples of commercial helical pile repair in Mississippi include the following:


  • Oil and gas industry

  • Buildings, solar fields, launchpads, bridges

  • Basement walls, retaining walls, and seawalls

  • Cell phone tower foundations and lighting poles

  • Underpinning distressed foundations

  • Swimming pools


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